Positive Psychology Movement

Positive psychology is new, but rapidly growing. The International Positive Psychology Association’s student division (SIPPA) and positive psychology masters programs are emerging (at least 15 around the world), and positive psychology publications and books have increased in number. It is applied to: – Education: teaching positive psychology and well-being in kindergarten through 12th grade, both directly in the curriculum, and indirectly throughout all curriculum; – Positive humanities: : infusing the arts with PERMA (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment); -Positive journalism: journalism that uncovers what is hidden as well as praises what is worthy. The Positive Turn: Why Positive […]

Movie Called Happy

The Greater Good – The Science of a Meaningful Life posted an interview with the director of movie Happy: “When Roko Belic was 18 years old, he traveled to Africa, prepared to see unspeakable suffering. He was delivering money and supplies to refugees of Mozambique’s civil war, a group that he knew had been “completely brutalized”; some had had their arms, lips, or noses cut off in the conflict. Roko Belic, director of Happy, a documentary beginning its theatrical run today. But when he arrived, he was astonished by what he found. “I saw people who were happy,” he says. […]

We are Made for Love

As I mentioned in the previous post, the 2nd World Congress on Positive Psychology happened last weekend. I wasnt’ there, but that is what I found out: this year’s conference boasts 1,200 attendees from 62 countries, 50 symposiums and workshops, 400 posters, and 22 speakers from around the world. I’m very impressed with Kelly Erickson’s post on Greater Good about the presentation by Barbara Fredrickson on the opening day “Love: A New Lens on the Science of Thriving”: ” Fredrickson completely transformed how I think about love and connection. She first got my attention by: defining what love IS and […]

10×10 Wellness Week Launch

Today I attended SAMHSA Town Hall Meeting via teleconference. SAMHSA works to improve the quality and availability of substance abuse prevention, alcohol and drug addiction treatment, and mental health services. I wasn’t sure if it will be related to happiness, but I dialed in and oh, boy, I wasn’t disappointed. I felt that hundreds of organizations are working together and willing to share their resources to help individuals and groups to be well and stay well, no matter where they are coming from. Even if you are happy and healthy now, you need to know how to stay this way […]

Conference on Kindness in Australia

Last weekend two great events were held on two different continents in two different hemispheres: Time for Renewal Conference in Sydney, Australia and the Second World Congress on Positive Psychology in Philadelphia, US. It is amazing that people so far from each other care about similar things. Year of Kindness blog has a post about the Australian event: “This weekend I was lucky enough to attend a conference called Time for Renewal: The World Can Only Change From Within. It was held by Wake Up Sydney!, whose mission is to inspire a kindness revolution for ourselves, each other and the […]

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

I was lucky to get tickets to The hedgehog movie during French movie festival in Boston’s MFA this summer. The movie is very new and was not shown in the States before. I wanted to see it because the movie is based on the book The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. I read the book and I loved it. It is so special to me that I even participated in defending the book against harsh critics back in Oct 2010. I simply felt I had to do something after I read complete book’s review here http://www.complete-review.com/reviews/popfr/barbery.htm#ours. So I […]

Quantified Self on Happiness

Recently I discovered Quantified Self Community. They have a list of tools for quantifying oneself, a directory of people and a brand new forum, where you can ask questions and engage in a discussion on your favorite quant related topic. Out of curiosity I typed “happiness” and found 6 existing websites/apps related to happiness. Here they are: 1. Mappiness is a free iPhone app that’s part of a research project at the London School of Economics. The app prompts you a few times a day to ask how you are feeling, who you are with, where you are, and what […]

Feedback on the Happiness Formula (Part Three)

11. What do you like the most about the tool? A. I like having all the categories laid out so succinctly, helping me to focus on what is really important, and whether I am doing those things, and what I need to change. I think you’ve done a great job of summarizing the factors that contribute to happiness. B. The ability to analyze so many different components of happiness at once. C. It helps you to think about what you might need to change or improve in your life to possibly become happier. D. Comprehensive and easy to use E. […]

Feedback on the Happiness Formula (Part Two)

6. Did the exercise make you appreciate what you have in life and not focus on what you don’t? A. Yes, to some extent. It helped me to appreciate what I have, and it helped me to not focus on little things that don’t matter. However, it did focus my attention on things I don’t have that do matter. That doesn’t necessarily make me feel good in the short term (i.e. doesn’t make me happy now), but it is useful and gives me some goals. I like having targeted goals (e.g. I need to spend more time on my hobbies) […]

Feedback on the Happiness Formula (Part One)

Last month I asked for feedback on the first version of the happiness formula. About twenty people received the file for testing, and ten people provided their feedback. Below you can find the most comprehensive feedback from six people (three females, three males). Each letter corresponds to a certain person in the order his/her feedback was documented, so you can see how each person responded to every question. Here are first 5 question out of 15 (see future posts for the rest): 1. Did you feel that categories are all inclusive? (all sources of happiness) A. Yes – great job! […]