Immortal Hacker Challenge (Part Two)

Avatar based recovery. Patient has access to his data and an interesting ability to track goals and milestones. It is also efficient not to have paperwork which saves time. Janus of Santa Cruz developed drug and alcohol treatment, which includes clinical assessment, goal setting, VR training and support. Digital registration, online wellness forms and presence questionnaire. They conducted a study with 35 adults, 8 weeks protocol, non-compliance and relapses happen. Participants had to play a game daily, which formed good rituals (habits) and relationships. Ivana Steigman, who formely worked at InWorld Solutions, told us about Thrive Research projects. In one […]

Immortal Hacker Challenge (Part One)

I was going to write about The art of happiness in the troubled world book, but my computer caught a virus. Instead of getting mad at the hackers who wrote that virus I thought of a topic for my blog. First, let me tell you what I learned about Virtual Reality and the role of technology in psychology during the 119th APA Convention back in August. I attended at least 4 sessions about it. Assessment of video game use. They were talking about Star Craft Game, and how it is popular to watch it in Korea. Spectators want to become […]

My Presentation Slides

Since I had to create slides for my presentation about The Ultimate Answer in October 2011, I would like to share them with you. Three slides in two minutes uncovered the meaning of the project. Enjoy!

Half a Year Update

This is my 100th post. I started this blog 6 months ago, even though I’ve been working on the Ultimate Answer idea for one year. The original idea was transformed along the way, but the core is still the same. In one year I learned so much and I am still learning every day. First time I presented The Ultimate Answer publicly was in April 2011 at the Boston Ethical Society in Cambridge, MA. I remember receiving friendly laughter from the ethical members when I mentioned that one of the goals of the project is to find the meaning of […]

Problem and Suffering Meaning

By now you must be really confused by all possible approaches to problems and suffering. There are indeed mixed ideas about how to view them, never mind how to solve them. From one point of view, there are no problems, and hence, there is no suffering (as we create it in our own mind when reality is different from what we expect). From another point of view, problems like suffering are unavoidable and they go hand in hand with life. Hmm… If I had to, I would pick without hesitation the former one… There are of course different versions of […]

Overcoming Obstacles and Negative Emotions

To engage in spiritual practices is to be reminded of temporal nature of life/death. Preciousness of human existence is at the core. Determination to action arises with sense of urgency, so that people may forget to be hungry and tired, but work on solving the issue. When there is some sense of urgency you feel you must act and use every minute to overcome apathy to be aware of destructive effects of negative behavior. We want to change, but become accustomed/adapt to things and situations. Genuine change doesn’t happen overnight, but we can establish new behavior and new habits. Strong […]

Suffering and Compassion

Here is what Dalai Lama said on this topic in The Art of Happiness book: Problems always arise, avoiding them provides temporary relief. If you confront them, you will get better insight and fighting capabilities. If you have been protected by others all your life and have not prepared to deal with problems, you will get shocked when you encounter them and most importantly it will be harder to develop resilience. Suffering is underlying part of life, if you try to get out of suffering – you will find frustration. Because as long we have desire, we will experience unsatisfactory […]

Philosophy Works (Class Eight and Half)

Self-knowledge: What am I? Class notes: Who am I? Who wants to know? Self-knowledge is the most important of all knowledge. When we are true to ourselves, we are true to others. If we act falsely towards others, we are not being true to ourselves. Do we follow the principle: Your word is your bond? BODY. Am I this physical body? Am I the cells that were there yesterday or the cells that will be there tomorrow? If everything is changing, where am I? MIND. It is possible to observe the mind and even instruct it; it is a very […]

Philosophy Works (Class Eight)

A Remedy for negative feelings Class Notes: ME is an imposter. He assumes any guise to suit any situation. He can be heroic or timid, assertful or bashful, triumphant or defeated. ME doesn’t mind what he is so long as he holds the center of attention. If he cannot be praised, then he will be blamed. He would rather be beaten than be ignored. ME is a false image of ourselves. He claims everything. ME is a creature of imaginings, false, fickle and inconstant. He is a denial of our true self. Only the desire of truth, the love of […]

Plato’s Future

New thinking is associated with the Golden Age. Before New Age there is always Dark Age, when nothing significant is created, because people are just focused on surviving so they don’t have time or interest in art, science or philosophy. But in order to start creating something completely new, you must have new vision first. Buddha said “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” Do you believe you can create a better tomorrow? Are you a realist or idealist, pessimist or optimist? In “Republic” Plato talks […]