Happy New Year 2012

Last year I bought Russell chocolate and saved covers because they were too cute. This year I used them to create The Ultimate Answer collage as a Holiday Card. It has the happiness formula in it. In 2012 be kind to yourself and those around you! Be happy

Good Faith Collaboration (Part Two)

I enjoyed learning about collaborative culture definitions from the book. Henry Jenkins defines participatory culture as one in which there are low barriers of engagement, support for creation and sharing, and some form of mentorship or socialization, and members believe that their contributions matter and they “feel some degree of social connection with one another”. I agree with the author that openness and incrementalism may not be enough to create good quality content. “Wikipedia must reconcile their vision with the inescapable social reality of irritating personalities, philosophical difference and external threats”. He notes that “goodwill is not always necessary to […]

Good Faith Collaboration (Part One)

I recently finished reading Good Faith Collaboration book by Joseph Reagle. I was very curious about this book as not only it describes Wikipedia’s culture but also talks about its historical roots and contemporary criticism. Wikipedia is around for almost 11 years. So what is it? First, there are actual Wikipedia pages and edits to them, as well as the meta pages documenting the policies and norms of Wikipedia itself. Second there is the talk/discussion page associated with each article. Third, there are mailing lists on which most abstract and difficult issues are often discussed. There are Wikipedia Signpost and […]

Amazing Grace

There are many truly amazing inspirational movies and Amazing Grace about William Wilberforce is one of them. As a matter of fact, it is my favorite movie and I would like to share several quotes from it with you. Enjoy! When people stop being afraid they find their compassion. -It’s God. I have 10,000 engagements of state today but I would prefer to spend the day out here getting a wet arse, studying dandelions and marveling at… bloody spider’s webs. -You found God, sir? -I think He found me. You have any idea how inconvenient that is? How idiotic it […]

The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World (Part One)

I loaned 11 disc audio book from the library and immediately felt overwhelmed about its size. Where would I find time to listen to it all? Maybe one hour per day after work. I knew listening would be different from reading and I’ll not be able to mark pages and highlight sentences, but at least I thought I could get a gist of things. After fifteen minutes of listening I jumped off my couch and rushed to get a pen and paper to write main ideas down as they were too important not to be captured. Over the course of […]

Depression vs Happiness

The How of Happiness book has a good insight into depression and what can cure it: The world health organization predicts that by year 2020 depression will be the second leading cause of mortality in the entire world, affecting 30% of all adults. Many experts believe that depression has become an epidemic. Depression has been described as a syndrome distinguished by a deficit of positive emotions: a lack of joy, curiosity, contentment, enthusiasm. Inability to take pleasure in joyful events is a hallmark of depression. The positivity deficit is also evident in how depressed people think about the future and […]

The How of Happiness Book

I recently finished reading The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirskiy, who is a professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside. I would like to share book’s highlights with you. She introduces the concept of happiness as a pie with three slices of different sizes: set point – 50%, life circumstances -10% and intentional activity – 40%. This representation clearly states that it is all in our hands to change our happiness fortune and become happy if we learn how. It is learnable. First, you need to find happiness activities that fit your interests, your values and your […]

What Makes It Work

Yet another step back to APA Convention in August 2011. I attended it to learn what makes therapy work, if at all? Psychotherapy didn’t work for me, but it has for others, otherwise it would not be practiced in our modern world. I was lucky to attend a session specifically called “What makes it work?”: There has always been a question of efficiency of therapy. But for non-psychotic disorders psychotherapy in general is better than medications. Physical exercise is important in building biological resilience. The danger of “medication only” approach was illustrated in the book Anatomy of an Epidemic. So […]

When Cupid Slips Away

Last post ends in Psyche being with Cupid, this one is about times when Cupid slips away. It is a guest post by Scotia Stone, who is an educator and relationship coach. It seems that no matter which situation you are in- single or partnered- there are certain pleasures and joys, pressures and aggravations. Having a partner is what society tells us we need. Who wouldn’t want that support to help face the harsher realities of modern life? If you’re single, dating is an anxiety-producing chore, and being alone can be lonely. Yet, when you are in a relationship, you […]

Survival for the Soul

Survival for the Soul in Times of Adversity. The myth came alive at Acropolis in Cambridge on Nov 18. About 15 people came to hear about Psyche, The Greek Goddess of the Soul. “In Greek, psyche means both “soul” and “butterfly.” In Roman mythology, Psyche is also the lover of Cupid. Their story that of the Soul and Love is one of the most well-known myths in Roman mythology”. Given into temptation, Psyche betrays Cupid by breaking her word. Cupid leaves. Sick at heart Psyche searches far and wide for her lover and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. The […]