Mood Panda and Happiness (Part One)

About three years ago, Gary Wolf wrote a detailed post on Measuring Mood — some tools are complicated enough to get you grouchy! Gallup goes through a lot of trouble to gauge the US happiness level on a daily basis. Others take a simple approach, such as Eric Kennedy’s recent talk at the Seattle QS meetup on Tracking Happiness. Ross Larter believes an emphasis on simplicity and community (especially of people who you don’t know elsewhere) has been key to broad acceptance of his happiness-tracking MoodPanda. Q: How do you describe MoodPanda? What is it? Larter: is a mood […]

Heal With Me

I’d like to tell you about something very special I discovered recently. It is the Gateway – a portal for growth and wellness that organizes the following event: “Heal w/Me” a Free Healing Clinic for the Homeless c/o UnitedSteps & The GATEWAY” Dec 31, 2011 at the Yahoo Center, Santa Monica, CA In Grateful Collaboration with Numerous Gracious Practitioners from The GATEWAY and others of their own accord & United Steps and Affiliates we are connecting with the Homeless & Underprivileged on this Shared HoBo (= Homeward Bound) Journey. 10AM to 3PM, Practitioners are offering services at no charge to […]

Why Volunteer on Your Career Break

“Volunteering on your career break is the act of giving your time in order to help others. But have you thought about how it is helping you, your re-entry, and your career? Most career break itineraries include some sort of volunteering. It’s a great feeling to help others around the world build their knowledge, community, or infrastructure. However, volunteering on a career break goes way beyond simply feeling good about yourself; it can be a key element to building your career when you return. Volunteering on my career break changed the trajectory of my career and life. It was through […]

‘Failure Week’ to Build Resilience

A top girls’ school is planning a “failure week” to teach pupils to embrace risk, build resilience and learn from their mistakes. The emphasis will be on the value of having a go, rather than playing it safe and perhaps achieving less. Pupils at Wimbledon High School will be asked how they feel when they fail. The headmistress, Heather Hanbury, said she wanted to show “it is completely acceptable and completely normal not to succeed at times in life.” Ms Hanbury’s pupils achieve some of the highest exam scores – but from Monday they will be invited to focus on […]

What Do We Owe To Future Generations? (Part Three)

As we continued our discussion three main questions were at its core: Where is the golden mean? How much to consume vs conserve? Someone mentioned Jeremy Bentham, an advocate of utilitarianism, who argued that we need “to form laws in order to create the greatest good for the greatest number, and that the concept of the individual pursuing his or her own happiness cannot be necessarily declared “right”, because often these individual pursuits can lead to greater pain and less pleasure for the society as a whole. Therefore, the legislation of a society is vital to maintaining a society with […]

What Do We Owe To Future Generations? (Part Two)

Brian distributed handouts with basic rules of conversational decency. We split into 5 smaller groups and had very controversial conversations about who owes who and what. Among 8 people in our group we had a range of opinions – some thought that we owe nothing and are on the path of destruction; others – that we do owe something to future generations and our ecosystem, and should be consuming and polluting less but conserving and cleaning up more. There were also those who thought that our generation is mainly working on building technology and that is good enough to pass […]

What Do We Owe To Future Generations? (Part One)

“On Christmas Day, 1776, British explorer Captain Cook arrived on Kerguelen Island, a Connecticut –sized land mass covered with grass in the Indian Ocean. One of the things Cook did while he was there was release a few rabbits. He thought that rabbits would provide fresh meat for any sailors who followed. The rabbits, in a favorable climate with not natural predators, multiplied. And grew. And flourished. And overpopulated. In a short span of time, the rabbit population exploded into the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions. Then, after eating every single blade of grass, they died. They died as they […]

Inside Tracker Special

Back in December I went to Boston Quantified Self Meetup #8 Measurements: Big and Small. Inside Tracker showed a demo of their platform and approach. They mentioned that “the current health system is taking care of the sick and not promoting our overall health and wellness”. Gil Blander invited volunteers to test their application by doing two blood tests before and after following their recommendations. I gladly signed up in return to share results of my experiment. I did my blood test in a lab nearby (they have participating labs all over the country) and my results appeared on my […]

Storytelling with Scott Anger

Yesterday I attended Content Strategy Los Angeles Meetup “Story telling for business with award-winning journalist Scott Anger” organized by Heather Worthingon. I came to the event because I’m interested in improving my story telling skills and learning new techniques. About 20 people showed up at Coloft to hear Scott talk about best practices of story-telling and content strategy. Scott, formerly a video content Director at LA Times, is currently consulting and making documentary films (one on Polish youth discovering its Jewish ancestry is in works). Scott had made many documentaries, especially from front lines. Story telling is everywhere. All you […]

Psychological Resilience Class Feedback (Part Two)

“Thank you for asking me to tell my story. The year before I took the course was a very difficult year; it was as if fate wanted to compound many major traumas into a short year. It has been so bad, that I have only been able to five people, not including myself that know the full story. Therefore, before I took the course, people were already complimenting me on how well I was handling things, but I wanted to be able to progress farther and learn the techniques to do so, and the course delivered. It not only taught […]