August 2012 Update

The Olympics was a major highlight of August 2012! It was great to see world athletes together in London and watch them compete in peace with no boycotting countries. Next Olympics will be in my home town Sochi! So stay tuned for more news when I go to visit Sochi in just 2 weeks! The Ultimate Answer was a sponsor of Santa Monica New Tech Meetup in Coloft on Aug 22, 2012. We provided Krispy Kreme donuts, brownies and biscuit cookies. There were 100 new technologists in attendance. Read more about the event and our presentation from the blog article by […]

What Is Coming Up

Since our Happiness Formula launch in June, we have been working hard. First of all we applied to Startup Chile, which is an international incubator program in Santiago, Chile.  We submitted our application for the fifth round of the program (second this year) by July 10, 2012. 1509 startups from 61 countries are competing for 100 spots. So wish us good luck and if all goes well, we will be in Chile from Oct 2012 – April 2013. We have been actively gathering feedback from people who created their formulas. One way to give us feedback is via our 5 […]

Fun Ride to Health and Pride

Several weeks ago I interviewed Greg Rublev, the founder of LeanWagon: “fun ride to health and pride”. Marina: What is LeanWagon about? Greg: LeanWagon is about helping dieters eat better and lose weight. It’s about being happier and healthier. Marina: How does it work? What do users need to do? Greg: First of all, users need to already have some motivation to make a change of some sort in order to lose weight. The wellness movement is the new green movement, so the number of people that want to make a change is growing. They are both inspired by publicized […]

Good Faith Collaboration (Part Two)

I enjoyed learning about collaborative culture definitions from the book. Henry Jenkins defines participatory culture as one in which there are low barriers of engagement, support for creation and sharing, and some form of mentorship or socialization, and members believe that their contributions matter and they “feel some degree of social connection with one another”. I agree with the author that openness and incrementalism may not be enough to create good quality content. “Wikipedia must reconcile their vision with the inescapable social reality of irritating personalities, philosophical difference and external threats”. He notes that “goodwill is not always necessary to […]

Good Faith Collaboration (Part One)

I recently finished reading Good Faith Collaboration book by Joseph Reagle. I was very curious about this book as not only it describes Wikipedia’s culture but also talks about its historical roots and contemporary criticism. Wikipedia is around for almost 11 years. So what is it? First, there are actual Wikipedia pages and edits to them, as well as the meta pages documenting the policies and norms of Wikipedia itself. Second there is the talk/discussion page associated with each article. Third, there are mailing lists on which most abstract and difficult issues are often discussed. There are Wikipedia Signpost and […]