QS LA Confidential (Part Two)

M: I guess the topic of health is universal and more straightforward: you need to get rid of pain by eating healthy, working out more, taking your meds or improving your sleep. Health is more common to track nowadays (my mom has high blood pressure, so she checks it at least twice a day and writes down results in her paper notebook). Eric: Tracking your health and body metrics is an interesting topic. At the QS conference in May, David Asprey (biohacker and author of Bullet Proof Executive – http://www.bulletproofexec.com/) gave a great talk on self tracking and lab testing. […]

Highlights of The Law of Attraction by Abraham

“You measure success in trophies, but from our perspective the positive emotion that you feel is the greatest measure of success. As you want something and achieve it, you also achieve a new prospective from which you will want. The things that satisfied you before, will not likely satisfy you for very long, because you are inherently grand seeking, you can’t remain in the same place and have growth also. The way you feel is your indicator, let your emotions will be your guide. They are the most wonderful guidance systems. We see the majority spend the most of their […]