Why do we need Happiness Formula?

Everything changes… What I thought was important to me and made me happy changed over the years. My happiness varied too: some days, months, even years I was happier than others… So does it mean that I’m a happy or unhappy person? Could that be measured over time? At this point I really care about being happy now and in the future. According to “Stumbling on happiness” people can’t really predict well what will make them happy. We can only answer what makes us happy now… Even past happy experiences may not have the same affect on us today, because […]

Results of the Happiness Survey

Back in March I crafted a survey to help understand what makes people happy and if technology can help us become happier. Volunteers completed the survey anonymously either online or on paper. There were two groups of respondents: a) middle class, age range of 20-40 y.o., who use technology for social purpose, not particularly religious, mainly employed, b) middle to upper class retired people, i.e. 50 y.o. and above, who are not too fond of technology vs. face-to-face meetings for social purpose, mainly non-religious, but with high priorities on ethics and humanism (representatives from Boston Ethical Society). Thank you to […]

Losing Meaning: Part Two

Plenty of fish. The name of this dating site hardly suggests unique value and authenticity of an individual. If you don’t like someone, no worries, just discard them, there are millions out there waiting to be found. The idea of being easily replaceable makes people feel insecure and unnecessary. I remember reading one of Kurt Vonnegut’s novels about ten years ago, the following episode shocked me: government was concerned with its citizens, who became so abundant with no jobs and losing meaning that a quick service for taking people’s lives (volunteers) was allowed. All you need to do is to […]

Losing Meaning: Part One

There are more than six billion of us now, no wonder that each of us is not that valuable anymore, or at least it feels that way. It is almost like being a commodity, when supply is high, but demand is low. Depreciation of our value comes from many factors, including globalization, advanced technology and social norms. More and more we feel ourselves easily replaceable. Think of restructuring, lay-offs and outsourcing. You don’t like you job or your salary? No worries, we’ll find your replacement in a heartbeat, there are a lot of you out there. Suddenly you are no […]

Three types of life

The idea of categorizing our lives is not new, it was done by many: from Aristotle to Dr. Martin Seligman. I find it very helpful for understanding the world and our place in it. Here are three types in short: 1.Life of pleasure/pleasant life 2.Life of practical activity/good life 3.Philosophical life/meaningful life And here is more description: 1.Life of consuming and taking, when we try to get as much as possible for our own pleasure. Think of any leisurely vacation you’ve taken, eating good food or watching TV. It it natural to pursue this kind of life mainly in the […]

Hello world!

This morning I felt sad because my parents were leaving after visiting me for several weeks. I haven’t seen them for almost two years and now having them closeby, laughing with them, getting their comments was so familiar and comforting, that I didn’t want them to leave. At work even after consuming a lot of coffee I didn’t feel super productive, something was off. During lunch though things changed. I looked at the glass roof in the atrium of our building and it was sunny, really sunny: sunlight penetrated everything around me and made all bright. During meeting I was […]